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His mask was like her gloves.
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"When I was five years old, my mother always told me that happiness was the key to life. When I went to school, they asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I wrote down “happy.” They told me that I didn't understand the assignment; I told them they didn't understand life."
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    Fourteen year old cousin was submitted to the ER this evening by the school after drinking on school grounds. His friend stole them from a liquor store, provided them to a group at lunch time, and everyone involved was sent to the hospital after non-stop vomiting, urining, and defecating while being so damn wasted that they couldn't even remember their names, so no one remembered taking their penis out and peeing outside (thankfully my cousin wasn't one of those), or vomiting on their clothes, which continued in the ER for a few hours. Doctor told him he could have died tonight because his body was too young to handle his intake. I think he understands, but I don't think it's really hit. Why is it so hard to stick this to many young teenagers? 

     He's a good kid; honors student, artistic, beyond talented, and by no means a bad boy, but this is classic "teen expertimenting" gone wrong.

    Now, I'm no role model, and I hope no one looks at me like one, but guys...there's a reason why there's a law for drinking (or anything barring off a certain age group from anything else). When you are too young, you are too young, whether that be mentally, physically, or emotionally; rules and regulations aren't set to "tell you what to do" just because. There are serious consequences for decisions that you are too young to be thinking about or trying your "grown folk" hand at. Now that I'm finally at drinking age, even I haven't had a sip of Jack Daniels.

    I wouldn't be surprised if he lost a few brain cells after this. When he finally came to, and was told about the situation (along with his friend's), he laughed into the covers. Aside from the nausea and now knowing Jack Daniels mixed with Four Loko is pretty fracking bad, the biggest thing he seemed to take away from this experience was his embarrassment, "What Mom would say," and that he'd never drink those specific drinks again. Yet his sort of blaseness made me feel like it won't prevent him from being sucked into the temptation of trying any other expertiment when all the boys round up; his red flag will mostly be, "but as long as it's not Jack Daniels or Four Loko," or, "as long as I stay in control."  

    That worries the shit out of me, but I feel like the first thing he needs to do is cut off these boys, something I highly doubt will happen. They might all get together and laugh nervously about "this crazy shit" on Friday. 

    So for any young teenagers out there, heed this cliche: people you choose to be around are a reflection of your choices; I did some bad things when I was fourteen, especially to mask some serious mental disturbances, but I can't put it all on my "row-dogs" when I chose to hang around such destructive energy. My mind may have still been developing, but I didn't have to be a follower. I feel like one of the biggest tests in that environment is groupthink behavior. 

    Despite being an above-average kid with his academics and maturity level (usually), I could swear there's something about his age that makes it difficult for him to internalize the full picture or truly grasp it; I expect him to be emotionally immature, I do, but he looks, acts, and speaks far older than he is (he's got the physical build, voice, and height of a twenty-two year old), so older boys with negative intentions gravitate towards him. Some other boy who looks or seems like he does could even get away with more shit because of it if they wanted to, since this mentality of as long as he looks old enough, or ACTS old enough, then he's old enough to do or be A and B or swing like the adults (let alone with adults) is dead ass rampant in this generation. 

    No matter how smart or mature you feel you are compared to other teens your age, you need to give yourself time to grow into life. Just please give yourself that. You'll have plenty of time to see what you can handle when adulthood forces you to; trust and believe that! But for now, enjoy your youth, because if you're a teenager, then your role is to act like a teenager; no older or younger than that. 

    I don't know what the heck is in Four Loko, but several students were in the hospital that same day from that school because they were drinking it collectively; apparently this stuff has a record for making someone crap and piss like a rabbit while drunk, so why this isn't off the market makes me beyond livid. 

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